ErlenWelt Falvor


At ErlenWelt, we strive to craft new taste experiences for the consumers all throughout the world with the highest quality flavors. Inspiring from nature as an infinite source of enjoyment, we mimic everlasting taste explosion which contribute to spreading healthy treats. Influenced by different cultures, we create borderless tastes which make the palate growing. Retro motivated, we toy with customers’ emotion and make them felt nostalgic for their first dinner date which remind them to smile. With our playful flavors, our customer can provide personalized nutrition which enhance the mood of the day. With our expertise, we innovate the taste of tomorrow for your dream product and your success. At ErlenWelt, we have a perfect range of flavors for all food legislation and religious demands. Our expertise team guarantee you the best imaginable service at high applications levels. Our first-class flavors transform your products into a culinary pleasure. Our premium flavors for beverage, bakery, candy, dairy, savory and tobacco offer the ideal solution for your application- from a fresh note for your pasta to a specific creamy note to round off your ice cream.