Our perfumes are designed for each application and aimed at satisfying the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

In ErlenWelt we focus on the creation of exclusive perfumes with character and personality to make our client’s products something irresistible, unique and inimitable in an increasingly broad and diversified market.

We create innovative and successful fragrances for all types of applications, from fine perfumery and niche fragrances to detergents, air fresheners, personal care and home products.

We guarantee a long tradition and knowledge of raw materials, we are manufacturers of our products, producing up to 30% of ingredients that appear in our formulas. We develop captives that give exclusivity to the perfume and we have created the Encaplus technology of micro-encapsulation of perfumes to be used in products for clothes, home care and cosmetics.

Our creation, production and evaluation processes are based on physico-chemical and chromatographic analyses made with certified equipment that guarantee the optimum quality.

A perfume is an invisible color, a captured memory, a signature in the air, a crush, a refounded emotion. Our passion is to find one for you.

Intense, enveloping, oriental, fresh, floral… The pleasure we reflect in our creations to please life.

Personal care fragrances such as deodorants, hair and body products. Fragrances for home products such as softeners, air fresheners, dishwashers, household cleaners, etc.

We create innovative products for the most important brands of the perfumery industry and great commercial projection for our customers. ErlenWelt captures the consumer’s feelings by offering them flexibility, originality and ability to create unique fragrances.

For samples, technical data sheets or any information please feel free to contact us.